News Update:




Been a busy time over the school holidays and it's nearly time to return to the regular timetable.


IF you're required to take out any new piercings, remember, they will heal very quickly and possibly close up.

Your school may have different policies in place so check fisrt as you may be allowed to put a plaster over them.

Part of Visual Change & IntheSkin tattoo studios, OLDHAM

Contact Tel/SMS: 07729169591


Clean, Safe, Sterile.

Above all, professional


If you have an idea for a piercing, why no come in to the studio and see if it's possible.

Please remember, not everyone is anatomically able to get some piercings.

Don't be afraid to come in and ask questions.

I'm more than happy to answer them if I can.


It's perfectly normal to be nervous and inquisitive

~Current Offers~

& Competitions


There are a few holiday dates coming up soon, so keep an eye out for upcoming offers!!


Misfits Body Piercing


Misfits Has Moved

See Below!!!


@ (currently named) Visual Change,

18 Fountain Street,



There are so many different piercings around and about, you don't have to go far to see someone with some sort of piercing, whether it's their ear, nose or lip.


Piercings are becoming more acceptable and more popular as time goes by.

There are a few holiday dates coming up soon, so keep an eye out for upcoming offers!!





Offers still availble for multiple piercings.


Remember to keep your piercings clean and look after them and they'll do just fine :)





Please remember: The owners of InTheSkin have expanded their business and now own a second studio.


Located in the centre of Oldham, Opposite the main Bus Station & ICC NHS building


Misfits is now situated here, providing easier access.

Same great service!!




Remember for all new piercings there are minimum time frames that they should be left in before changing, these differ from person to person and for the type of piercing done.




Contact for more details Email Here or go to the Facebook page Here




Most of the website is now up and running. There are still some bits & bobs to put up and sort out, but you should be able to use the majority of the site.


You can still check out the Facebook page for Info & Updates, Competitions and Current Offers that may be available.